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Recent rains in Queensland have turned Lake Eyre into an inland sea!

Visit the always-spectacular and ever changing scenery of Lake Eyre and view 1000's of birds enjoying the inland sea.

Take to the air for a birds eye view of what is now a spectacular show of Nature at it's best after exceptional inflows in mid 2019. Lake Eyre Tours with tour operator, Tom Noonan will take your breath away. Flying out from Marree, over the Marree Man, until you hit the inland sea known as Lake Eyre - you will not be disappointed.

When Lake Eyre is dry, it is the harshest environment in Australia. When it's full of water it can handle up to about 5 and a half million birds and 85 different varieties of wading birds. The salt content of the lake is roughly 10 and a half times saltier than sea water, or 2 and a half times denser than the dead sea.

With amazing statistics, Lake Eyre is 15 metres below sea level & is the lowest point in Australia. Lake Eyre drains from an area that takes up 1/6th of the entire continent.

Lake Eyre Tours are an ideal way to take in the enormity of this landscape. Tom offers three and four day options, which also take you even further afield, to iconic locations including Coober PedyInnaminckaBirdsville and the Flinders Ranges… or he can tailor something to suit.

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